Monday, August 1, 2011

Rough weekend...

It's been a busy and fun filled weekend.  My nephew's baptism and 1st birthday, and my daughter's 4th birthday.. both events I didn't plan enough for.. in terms of my budget.  I had to use my MasterCard, didn't feel good.  But I've given myself a challenge for this upcoming work week.  I am bringing a lunch, and I will not spend money on lunch.  As long as there are no major unexpected events, we should be ok until next pay day, which is 14 days away! eek!!  seems so far away.  Oh.. and I also dipped into my ing direct savings account.  Didn't feel great about that either, but I didn't want to put anymore on the credit card.

Good news is that I maxed out my EI contributions this year, so each paycheque for the remainder of the year will have about $50 more.  And then next month, I will max out my CPP contribution, and that will add another $140 to my paycheque.  I need to be very careful with that extra money and use some of the money to pay off debt and to put away into an emergency fund.

Ok, as I type this out now, I don't feel so bad.  Feel focused to stay on track this week.

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  1. Sometimes it is good to do a pros and cons list or a good things/bad things list. To show us where we need help or where we should commend ourselves.

    Great news about maxing your contributions.