Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Additional % off...

I love Clearance signs that start with "Additional % off lowest ticketed price"  In the past I'd always use these sales as an opportunity to shop shop shop!  Today on my lunch hour, I walked through the Bay and they were having a huge clearance event.  I was with my coworkers and we went to check out some massage chairs/hand held massagers/foot massagers.  Extra 70% off!  There was a nice homedic handheld massage on sale for $17.99.  Definitely a good deal, regular price is around $50.  It was so tempting to buy one right there and I know I'd get great use out of the massager, but I stepped back and told myself to think it through and not purchase.  Then as I was walking through the children's department a few items caught my eye.  Additional 30% off... they had some really nice things.  I started grabbing items, putting together a Christmas shopping list in my head.  Had 4 items in hand when I had to step back and stop myself.  I considered the prices again, and decided that although the items were cheap, I would be able to find other gifts in the same price range.  I don't have the money in the account to buy Christmas gifts right now (scheduled to start in September/October).  So I put the items back and I walked back to the office.

We did go by Home Depot today to look at colors to stain our deck.  Picked up a sample can for $5, a couple paint brushes for $6 and a solution to Prep the deck prior to staining. That cost us $16.  Hopefully the stain color I picked out looks good tomorrow after it's dried and we can go ahead and purchase a gallon or two.

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