Sunday, August 7, 2011

I should be sleeping...

Sunday night.  I should really be sleeping, but I'm here sitting in bed surfing the internet.  Thought I'd write about our day.  It was a good day.  The most I spent today was $20 at the Zoo for admission.  We had a fun time, packed juice and snacks, so didn't have spend money buying food.  And even after we left the zoo, it was just after lunch time, and we were thinking maybe we'd go out to eat, but we decided to just go home and have lunch at home.  We had some meat marinating so DH fired up the bbq and we had a delicious lunch.  Dinner was at home too, so I think this is one of the first Sunday's that we didn't spend any money eating out!  This is a huge achievement for us, as we're usually out on weekends and tend to spend anywhere between $20-$50 eating out.  I also sold a bag and pair of pants on eBay.  I did spend $5 on bubble envelopes to ship the items, and I will have to pay for shipping costs tomorrow, but I can deduct that from the payments.

Great way to end the weekend.  Kiddies are exhausted from a fun and busy weekend.  DH's payday is on Thursday, car is filled with gas, and there's food in the fridge, and $80 left in the bank account.  So far so good!

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