Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Recap and this Week's Plan

Another beautiful weekend filled with sunshine and hot weather!
We finally stained the deck in our backyard.  Although the expenses weren't in our budget for this month, we decided to go ahead and stain the deck as it may be one of the last nice weekends before it starts to cool down.  Total cost to stain the deck:  $94.04

The total above includes a plant that DH really liked and purchased.  It came in a plastic pot and so we had to go buy a pot to transfer the plant into.
Total cost: $22.17

We spent a few hours at the park/beach on Sunday.  Had to pick up some drinks and snacks on the way there.
Total cost:  $12.39

We also ate out a couple times this weekend.  Last night DH had a craving for chinese food.  It's very rare that DH will suggest going out to eat, and he did a great job of staining the deck, so I thought it would be a great idea to go out for dinner last night.
Total cost:  $32

We also went grocery shopping yesterday, spent just under $70.

This weeks menu:

Monday - Seafood alfredo
Tuesday - BBQ Ribs
Wednesday - Chicken wings (not sure how I'm going to prepare them)
Thursday - Salmon
Friday - not sure

I suspect that I will need to run to the grocery store during the week.  I'm hoping to keep our total grocery bill under $100 for this week. 

In terms of activities/outings, I have nothing planned with the kids this week.  I'm hoping to take them to the park or for bike rides around the neighborhood.  That will be nice, free fun.  If we do end up going out for ice cream, the shop by our place has kiddie cones for $0.85 so I can get both kiddies a small cone for just under $2.00.

Bad news, I didn't prepare anything for my lunch today.  Which means I will go out with coworkers to grab a bite to eat.  My goal for today is to keep lunch under $7.

Right now, I feel like I have things under control.  Haven't made any extra payments to debt, but will see what I can do this week.  I need to do a bit of organizing of our expenses/finances, then maybe anything extra can go towards CC debt.

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