Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stressful start to the long weekend

This weekend is a long weekend for us.  It's also my daughter's 4th birthday (tomorrow) and we're throwing her a birthday party at the park on Sunday.  I know that I will be spending money on decorations, cake and food.  And even that extra spending is a little stressful, as I just started on this journey to financial freedom and am not being as aggressive as I'd like to be.

DH has family (parents, siblings) overseas.  As part of our monthly budget, we send money to his family as they have no income.  DH spoke to his sister-in-law last night and found out that his nephew is sick.  There is no public health.  They do not have health insurance/benefits, so all medical expenses have to be paid for out-of-pocket.  DH's mom already had to borrow money to pay for the initial blood work and doctor visit, so that needs to be paid... by us.  Since they have no income, there is no one to help them except us.  I know that we should have tried harder to have more in our emergency fund and I've started to regularly put money into our emergency fund, but I'm not sure we'll have enough to cover all the medical expenses.  I do hope that his nephew recovers and it is nothing serious.

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