Friday, August 12, 2011

$$$ eating out..

Not spending a huge amount... $18 sushi dinner last night, $4 crepe for dessert.  $8 taco lunch today.  $8 dinner.  The sushi dinner was with a couple friends, we had gone shopping yesterday.  I did really well and didn't buy anything, wasn't really tempted either, so that was a good thing.

It was an unproductive day at work today, in total I think I did 1hr of actual work.

I sold a few baby items this week, feel bad because I didn't put away the $20 that I made from the sales.  I actually spent that money on today's lunch and dinner.  Not good.  I must get better at putting that money aside.

Hoping for a fun weekend, with minimal spending :)
No plans yet, but we'll probably take the kids to the park.  I'll pack up snacks and juice boxes to help not spend.

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