Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Credit Card - Fraudulent Activities

I got home from work yesterday to find a letter from Capital One informing me that they suspect fraudulent activity on my MasterCard and therefore have put a hold on the account.  I immediately logged into my account online and was the "Account Restricted" message.  This would explain why I couldn't use my credit card to purchase a pair of shoes online (sounds bad, but I was actually ordering a pair of shoes that my sister and cousin were going to buy me for my birthday.. hehe)

Looks like someone had tried using my credit card a few times late in July.  A couple times at a gas station and once at McDonalds.  I'm quite impressed that Capital One took the steps to put a hold on my account.  DH had a similar experience, and they didn't catch any fraudulent activity so close to $400 in unauthorized transactions had gone through on his credit card.  At least when he called to report the fraud, they were nice and reversed all the transactions.  Of course DH has to confirm that all fraudulent transactions have been cleaned up.

So now I am waiting for a new credit card to be mailed out.  I suppose this is a good thing, as a girlfriend and I are going on a no-kids shopping trip this Saturday.  We're driving down to Grand Forks which is 2 hours south of where we live.  I had planned on bringing my credit card just in case, but now I will have to stick to the cash I will be bringing with me.

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