Monday, August 29, 2011

Is it so bad to expect what's advertised?

In the past year (possibly longer), the Real Canadian Superstore started offering a "Deal of the Day" at checkout.  Once your groceries are scanned, the cashier will offer the deal of the day.  As per the advertisement sign, if the cashier does not mention the deal of the day, you get one for free.

Well this past Sunday, the cashier did not mention the deal of the day.  And so once I finished paying, I pointed to the sign and nicely mentioned to the cashier "You didn't mention the deal of the day"

She pauses a moment and I can hear her let out a sigh.  Then she turns to the cashier in the lane behind her and although I didn't hear what she said exactly, I heard her mention the deal of the day.  She then gets on her phone and after a minute, hangs up and instructs me to go to customer service.

I get to customer service and am there for over 5 minutes while I wait for the customer service cashier to fill out some paperwork and ring in my free item.  I sort of felt bad, because I could see that the paperwork was specific to tracking cashier that missed mentioning the deal of the day.

In the end I got a free bottle of body wash.  Retail value: $2.99.  Although I got the free item, I felt bad for asking the cashier.  But this could have been avoided if she had done her job right?

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  1. LOL!
    Jode, do not feel guilty.

    I almost felt bad when a supermarket scanned my item at a higher price than was listed. They had a bit of an attitude, so I reminded that I was entitled to my box of cereal for free.

    (Just found your blog today, and I am enjoying it)