Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week Recap.

Yesterday I went down to Grand Forks for the day with my sister, cousin and girlfriends.  It was a day of shopping, only rule.. no kids!  DH stayed home with the kids and although I missed them while I was away (drive is just over 2hours away from where I live), it was so nice to shop without hearing "I'm hungry... I'm thirsty.. I want to go home now".. hehe.. I was able to pick up some groceries,mainly snacks that aren't available here, and I found some awesome deals on clothes for myself.  Also picked up a few things for the kids and a couple Christmas present.  Total damage:  $300 eek!  ($100 went on the credit card, so I'll have to make sure I pay that back later this week on pay day)

Groceries: $80, this was a good shopping trip.  We got chicken, sausage and seafood and lots of fruit.

My focus is to not spend money on lunches this week.  I've got to cook tonight and make sure I have a lunch to pack for tomorrow.

Still working on selling things on eBay and on a local Facebook group.  No huge earnings yet, but I'm decluttering my closet once piece of clothing at a time.

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