Friday, August 26, 2011

Really shouldn't.. but it's so good

Every last Friday of the month, employees at my office are allowed to wear jeans to work.  I own one pair of good jeans and I rarely wear these jeans, the last time I wore them must have been a couple months ago.  Well, a couple months is all it took for me to gain a couple pounds, due to a lack of exercise and healthy eating.

I'm wearing the jeans today and I have to admit, it's not very comfortable... there's a bit of a muffin top.. and I feel like the button is going to pop on me.

That being said, there's another reason's for me to not eat a big breakfast today: the food at our work cafeteria is so overpriced.  The other day I decided to have an omelet, hash browns and a bottled juice, and it cost me close to $9!

Expensive food on top of snug fitting jeans should mean that I stay away from a big expensive breakfast.

But I'm weak.. I just finished eating an omelet and hash browns.  It was so good, but I'm sure I'll pay for it later.

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