Thursday, January 12, 2012

No/Low Spend Challenge - Day 12

So I haven't been providing consistent updates on my no/low spend challenge, so I thought today would be the perfect time since our expense buckets have been replenished (every payday which is bi-weekly).  Here's how the last pay period went:

Budget: $180, Actual: $280
A bit of a fail.  With my healthier eating goals, I found myself running to the grocery store a couple times as I did not prepare my meal plan appropriately.  Although I had a list of groceries to purchase, I simply missed things.

Budget: $120, Actual: $50
Pass!  I think this worked out so well as DH was off work last week.  It was their yearly company shutdown and without pay, so that actually hurt our income this pay period.

Coffee Shop:
Budget: $0, Actual: $1.50
Fail.  I purchased an afternoon coffee the other day, I was heading into an all afternoon work meeting and a couple other coworkers were heading down to pick up a coffee, so I thought why not.  Looking back now, I know I could have done without the coffee.  But I'd like to add that I have not made any other food purchases from my work cafeteria. 

Budget: 1 lunch per week, Actual: None
It's only Thursday but I have already prepared my lunch for tomorrow! So I definitely know that I won't be buying lunch, although I may just head out with the guys.  I'm also very excited because Boston Pizza sent me an email coupon for a free individual sized two-topping pizza!  So I will save that for a future lunch.

All in all, I think it's been a very successful 12 days.
I've been working out consistently and watching what I eat.

Great start to the year!


  1. it has been extremely successful for you! good job - hope this next pay period is just as good!

  2. You did pretty good! The $70 you saved on the gas offsets your over-spending on food.. Good stuff!!