Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Moment of weakness

Up until last night, I was doing really well healthy eating and really not having any cravings.  Until last night.  Maybe I had one too many salads, or one too many hard-boiled eggs.  I found myself thinking about what I've been eating the past couple weeks and all of a sudden felt that I deserved a treat.  A treat in the form of BBQ pork ribs.  DH was in the kitchen when I pulled the ribs out of the freezer and he immediately questioned what I was doing.  I nonchalantly replied that I was making pork ribs - healthy of course.  He immediately replied that I couldn't have pork ribs and that there was no way that I could make them healthy.  I threw the ribs back into the freezer and went to our bedroom to watch some television.  He came into the room shortly after and asked if I really wanted to have pork ribs and that if I really wanted to, I could have them.  I think he was just using reverse psychology on me.  I hate to admit it, but it sort of worked.  DH left to play basketball and I headed back to the kitchen determined to make a healthy version of BBQ pork ribs.  I boiled the ribs to help reduce the fat content.  Then when it came time to put them in the oven, I took a peek at the nutritional contents of the BBQ sauce I was going to use and realized that the sugar content was just too high.  I continued to baked the ribs in the BBQ sauce anyway, but when they were done I didn't touch a single one.  I didn't feel so bad afterwards and was even glad that DH and the kids were able to enjoy them.

I will need to spend more time finding delicious and creative healthy meal options.  I also need to make a healthy dessert to help satisfy that sweet craving.  After yesterday's moment of weakness (almost) I'm focused once again with my healthy eating.

Budget wise, we're doing okay.  Aside from groceries and gas, no other purchases have been made this week.  Granted, it's only Wednesday, but I think we'll be okay for the rest of the week.  Grocery shopping for the upcoming week will be a little difficult as I already used up our two week food budget last weekend.  I will have to figure out what I currently have in the fridge, freezer and pantry that I can use up.  And then come up with some cheap but healthy meal options for next week.

Still haven't made any breakfast or lunch purchases in the cafeteria.  And I still can't believe that last year, I was there almost every single day.  Most likely spending an average of $10 on breakfast, snacks and lunch.  Ridiculous!  Can't wait for the next payday to see the difference in my take-home pay now that there are no cafeteria purchases being taken out.

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  1. What about ribs & homemade sauce? I dont think ribs are unhealthy personally, I'd rather have ribs than a low-fat sandwich or something... lol! But I eat high protein... lol! You're doing great with your budget! Keep it up! :)