Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Addition of Health & Fitness goals

As I mentioned in my last post, on top of the No (Low) Spend Challenge, I have also started a health & fitness challenge to get into the best shape possible before the end of February.

What does this mean?

  1. No more hashbrowns for breakfast (works hand in hand with cutting out coffee shop purchases)
  2. No more snacking on muffins and/or donuts (again helping with the coffee shop purchase goal)
  3. Complete 3 1-hr cardio sessions a week
  4. Complete 4 weight training sessions a week
  5. Drink 3 glasses of water a day (usually after my morning cup of coffee, I have nothing else to drink all day, so this is a big goal for me.  Eventually I'll work up to 8 glasses a day)
  6. Substitute the not-so-healthy meal options for healthier meal options - white rice -> brown rice, fried -> baked/grilled
  7. Ultimately I want to have a defined waist (possibly some ab definition)  It's quite the stretch goal and it's a very aggressive time line.
So in total I have just over 7 weeks to reach that ultimate goal.  In the end, I hope to be eating healthier, not because I'm working towards a goal, but because that's just the way things are.  I'm quite excited to start searching and trying out new recipes.  Whenever I come across any awesome recipes, I'll make sure to post them.


  1. Awesome list!! Good luck! Be sure to update! :)

  2. great list! good luck! i am with you on the water - I have done pretty good so far - I went from 4 & am now up to 6 in just the course of the week!