Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Low/No-Spend 2012 Challenge - Week 3 Recap

It's hard to believe that I just completed the 3rd week of the Low/No-Spend challenge.  How did things go?

Food: $60
Used so far:  $180 = FAIL
It seems that our weekly grocery bill has been consistently higher than what I budget for.  It could be due to the fact that I'm now bringing my breakfast and lunch to work, so I do need to buy more groceries.  I will adjust my budget for the next 2-week period.  Of course this past weekend I had to restock on diapers and baby wipes, which I didn't calculate into the budget.

Transportation: $120
Used so far: $60 = PASS
This is good news as it will help with the grocery overage.

Coffee Shop: $0
Used so far: $1.60 = tiny FAIL
I picked up a tea from the cafeteria last week.  Need to make sure I bring in some tea bags to work to store at my desk.

Lunch:  $0
Used so far: $7
Went out with the boys for lunch last week and gave into my craving for sushi.

Other:  $30
Used so far: $70 = FAIL
This money was spent on Saturday when we took the kids to the mall and afterwards went out for dim sum.  DH and I also went to my best friends engagement party at a lounge, so we spent $40 on Saturday night.  I consider my spending to be a fail, simply because I didn't need to splurge on a $7 cocktail at the lounge.

Health/Fitness wise:
Still consistent with the working out and cardio.  Still no hashbrowns, donuts or muffins.  I still can't believe that there was a time when I was having this junk food on a daily basis.

The number on the scale hasn't gotten smaller, but I do feel slimmer and some clothes that fit snug in the past are fitting more comfortably now.  I suspect that I won't lose any weight but will just see changes in my body shape.

Overall, the first 3 weeks of January have been great.  I've allowed myself a "cheat" meal once a week and even with those meals, I have been quite controlled in what I'm eating.

Oh.. and last week I thought I would take a peek at my last paystub of 2011 to see the total amount I spent at the cafeteria.  You ready for this?! .... $1200!!!  Last year I spent $1200 at my work cafeteria.  This doesn't even include the times I went to Starbucks or Tim Horton's, or the money spent on eating lunch at the mall or at nearby restaurants. 


  1. Hey you are losing inches and eating better there for a higher food bill, you can't have both.

  2. At least now you know that you need to adjust your grocery budget... I'm sure you'll do better over the next coupe weeks! Your cafeteria bill from last year is insane! Ouch! lol! I guess thats just like people who eat out regularly...only your bill would probably be less! lol!

  3. well done though on everything that you have achieved.