Friday, September 30, 2011

Numbers are finally up!

I finally did it... I put up my debt numbers.  It's a scary number and I don't even think the DH knows that the debt is as much as it is.  He knows that there is some debt but would probably be very surprised at the total amount.  Although I manage the finances in the house and am well aware of the debt situation, I was surprised when I finally saw the total.  Approx: $39,000!  Oh my gosh.. I feel like crying :(

I tend to freak out about our debt but I won't freak out this morning.  I will stay focused and try to chip away at this debt one dollar at a time.

This morning I feel like I need to write down the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

  • DH is worked the day shift this week and was home in the evenings which was really nice.  We managed to not go out to eat or pick up fast food for supper
  • I participated in a focus group last night.  We talked about local fruit.  It was fun.  And for the 2hr discussion, I made $65.  This will go towards debt.
  • I am still selling T and J's outgrown clothes, and have also started selling clothes that I no longer wear.  A little more extra income.
  • Twice this week, I brought lunch to work but ended up buying lunch still, leaving my packed lunch in my lunch bag
  • I spent $40 on raffle tickets.  The draw is for a pair of NHL hockey tickets.  I'm not even a huge hockey fan, neither is DH.  But the entire city is excited about the return of the NHL after 15 years without a team.  I got caught up in all the NHL craziness.
  • I looked through T and J's closets and realized I really didn't need to place a $150 order with Old Navy for new clothes for them.  They have plenty of new clothes, clothes that still have tags on them.
  • I sold T's old high chair and some clothing and made a total of $70.  None of that money went to debt repayment.  I can't even remember where the money went.
Okay, I feel slightly better now.

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