Monday, September 19, 2011

Long day at work..

I didn't get into work as early as I had hoped.  Got to my desk, powered on my laptop and was ready to work by 7:45am.  First thing I do each day it open up Outlook and take a look at my calendar.  Today, as soon as I opened up my calendar I let out a huge sigh.  12:30 - 4:30pm - Training:  Giving and Receiving Feedback.  Oh boy, an all afternoon training session.  Oh boy, out at 4:30pm means that I will have to drive home in rush hour traffic.  Oh boy, an entire afternoon away from my desk means that I will have 1/2 day work to catch up on.  Oh.. boy...

It was a rough day, and a tough afternoon to get through.  Although I did learn a thing or two regarding giving and receiving feedback.  The most important tip?  Feedback should be giving with some relevance.  Why are you providing this feedback to a specific individual?  So it wasn't a complete waste of time, just resulted in a long day and now I am resting in bed while the kids are watching TV before bed time.

Good news.. I made a sandwich for lunch and I ATE IT!  Doesn't seem like a big deal, but for me this is a huge accomplishment as I tend to pack a lunch and will leave it in the office refrigerator.  It will sit there for a few days and will end up getting tossed in the garbage.  Now this doesn't mean that I didn't spend money at lunch time.  We went to the nearby mall food court and I picked up a small order of veggie tempura for $3.90.  I also picked up some chocolate covered jujubes.  That cost me another $4.99.  And while at the training session I picked up a bag of chips and a coffee for $3.25.    Tomorrow I will make another sandwich for lunch and I will try to bring extra fruit or a granola bar in case I am still hungry after the sandwich.  Goal this week is to pack a lunch and eat it at least 4 days.

The budget it a bit wonky this week.  I didn't plan accordingly and money is being transferred back and forth between our chequing and savings account.  DH gets paid this week and I'm really hoping I can transfer money where it belongs and stay on top of the expenses.

Hoping for an early bedtime to help  clear up my headache.

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