Friday, September 23, 2011

ANOTHER Moment of Weakness ... this time I lost

"Last Chance for an ADDITIONAL 10% off Sale Items!"

I'm such a sucker for those headlines.  It's such a great marketing tactic.
And I fell for it.

I went onto the Old Navy website and started adding items to my Shopping Cart.  Both T and J (DD and DS) will need new clothes for this fall/winter so I thought this would be a good opportunity.  After about 15 minutes navigating through the sale items, I had a total of 33 items in my shopping cart which totaled $353!!  I knew immediately that there was no way I could spend that much money.  So I started removing items from the shopping cart, and tried to only stick with items that I knew the kids would get most value/use of.

20 minutes later and 21 items less in my shopping cart, I went ahead and placed the order.  Total: $150.  I'm still selling T and J's outgrown clothes, so I will make sure I pay this total off this weekend.

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