Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moment of weakness

I had a moment of weakness.  I checked my email account and found 2 emails from Gymboree.  For those not familiar with Gymboree, it is a clothing store that specializes in children's clothing.  I have never been a huge fan of Gymboree but I have purchased from them in the past.  Anyway, 2 emails sat in my Inbox.  First email was an invitation for 20% off my total order (online or in-store), second email was a Gymboree reward for $5 off my next purchase.  I thought that perhaps this would be a good time to shop for DDs next years summer clothes and to pick up some new clothes for DS.  I spent about 20 minutes clicking through pages and pages of clothing on their website.  In the end, I had 11 items in my shopping bag, with a total of $99 (including discount and rewards)  I thought to myself.. Not bad.. 11 items for under $99 which included $11.95 shipping costs.  I whipped out my MasterCard and proceeded to input the information.  I clicked Submit.  "Thank you for placing an order"

Then I realized that on top of the shipping costs, I'd probably have to pay for custom and duties as well since I ordered from a US based company.  That pretty much threw out any savings/deals I thought I was getting out of this order.

Luckily there was an option to cancel an order if it was submitted within the hour.  So I logged back into my Gymboree online account and cancelled the order.


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