Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Time for weekly budgets

At first, I tried to work with a monthly budget, then a semi-monthly budget.  But it seems that with the larger periods of time, I lose track of what's coming in and what's going out.  So I've decided to start working with a weekly budget.  I will have to create a spreadsheet that will work for me, but once I've got it figured out I'm sure it will be smooth sailing after that.

DH's birthday is coming up closer to the end of the month.  I haven't figured out what I will be surprising him with.  We received gift certificates for Christmas for a movie date and a restaurant called "Unburger", so perhaps we'll do that.  It's not a true gift that I bought for him and I will most likely buy him something small, but I just can't justify a more expensive gift.  I am limiting the gift to $50.

My sister and parents are headed to Vegas at the end of April.  My sister is trying to convince me to join them, but again, it's an expense I just can't justify right now.  I've always been one to travel and not travel on a strict budget.  I feel that if I can't experience the vacation to the fullest, I'd rather not go.  Sounds a little silly, but if I were to go to Vegas, I'd want to see a show and go shopping and try my luck at the slot machines.  I couldn't go to Vegas and behave financially.  I feel a bit bummed that I'm not going, but I'm okay with that too.

Time to work on the weekly budget.  Hoping the numbers work out!

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  1. I budget weekly and find it (mostly) painless! You know the money has to last a week then you get a "refill"!