Friday, March 2, 2012

Fitness Friday

I thought I'd dedicated Friday posts to Fitness, to help document my journey to get into better shape.  Preparing my own meals has definitely cut back on my spending when it comes to cafeteria breakfasts and mall food court lunches.  I'm bringing my own coffee to work and am no longer spending money on donuts or muffins or bags of chips.  I have to admit I still have some cravings but so far I've done ok with not giving in.

So here's what my daily meal plan looks like:

2 slices whole grain toast w/ natural peanut butter

sometimes have a yogurt

a.m. snack
egg white omlette w/spinach

protein with veggies

p.m snack
fruit w/ cottage cheese

afterwork snack/pre-workout
1 slice whole grain toast w/ natural peanut butter
pita chips w/ hummus

protein shake

I have alot of dark chocolate too, it's not the healthiest, but in terms of satisfying my sweet tooth, that is what I allow myself to have.

For exercise I'm lifting weights and also doing Insanity (Beach Body workout dvds).  It's been about 2 months since I started and at first I have to admit that I felt like I was making no progress and I was feeling very impatient because I felt that I was not making any progress.

Now I feel that I'm on the right track and for 2 months, I really started to change the shape of my body.  I'm very excited to continue on this journey and to see more changes.

Here's a pic that I took this morning, it's not full body but shows my mid-section, where I'm seeing the most improvement.

And for reference, here's where I started 2 months ago and my 1 month progress:

Overall, I've lost approx 4 lbs, not much in terms of weight loss but I think I'm gaining muscle.

My current goal is to have more defined abs in time for summer, which is May for us here.  2 more full months to stay motivated and focused.

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