Tuesday, July 19, 2011

birthday celebration

Extremely hot day today.  I think we hit 35 degrees celsius, which is about 95 degrees farenheit.  Today it's going to get even hotter.  Yesterday was a tough Monday.  R-man and I spent most of the weekend outdoors with the kiddies.  Either playing in the backyard or at the beach.  The sun definitely drains you of energy.  Then there was the running around to do grocery shopping and other small errands.  Last night we went over to my sister's house for her husband's (aka brother-in-law) birthday.  My original budget for his gift was $40.  I wanted to add on a dessert, so I ended up going to a bakery that was on the way to their place and picked up a black forest cake for $30!!  Way more than I had planned, but Safeway (where I should have bought the cake) was another 10 minutes away, and in the heat and rush hour traffic I wasn't willing to go the extra distance.  Which in the end cost me an extra $15.  And unfortunately, the kiddies were extremely tired so we didn't stay for cake.  I told the brother-in-law to save me a slice for when I swing by after work today.

I really hope that the cake was fantastic.  I asked the lady at the bakery counter if the cake had been made that day, and she said yes.  Almost with a "uh, yeah" tone of voice.  I had to ask.  There were so many cakes, cheesecakes, and tortes in their display counter it was hard to imagine that each one had been made that day.  And what happens when a cake doesn't sell?  How long does a cake stay in the display counter for?  If refrigerated, how long does a cake last?  Do cakes get better over time?  This is probably something I should investigate, so that I'm no longer wondering each time I buy a cake.

I've got a goal tonight to go through the clothes my daughter has grown out of.  That way I can try and sell the clothes to a new used children's store that just opened last week.  Or I can start posting some of the items on eBay.  I'm determined to try and make some money off of things in our house that are just collecting dust.

I'll have to figure out how to put up a progress bar for my selling profit.

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