Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby steps to saving...

One of my biggest weaknesses would have to be buying breakfast once I get to work each day.  It's just too easy to head down to the company cafeteria and swipe my employee card to purchase food.  Payments are taken directly off my paycheque and so I don't see that money coming out of my pocket.  I've gotten better at brewing a cup of coffee in my travel mug each morning - gotta love my Tassimo!  but I'm still guilty of picking up a breakfast sandwich, or toast or hashbrowns at the cafeteria.  The worse part is that the food I'm buying are things that I can make at home and at a fraction of the cost.

Tomorrow morning I will wake up 20 minutes early.  I will make toast w/ peanut butter and will bring a yogurt to have at my desk.  Or maybe I will fry a couple eggs, or make an egg sandwich.  Whatever I have for breakfast though, will be made at home.

For example today I had a bacon/egg/cheese croissant sandwich and hashbrowns.  Total $6.55!!  That's insanely expensive considering I could make the same meal at home for half the cost.  And imagine I have breakfast every day.  Roughly $6 x 5 days a week = $30 on breakfast a week.  x2 weeks and that's a total of $60 coming off my paycheque - for toast, eggs, hashbrowns!  Writing it down right now makes me feel silly and irresponsible for being so lazy to take time in the morning to eat at home.  My goal is to no longer buy breakfast at the cafeteria.  And maybe I can set a weekly reward of 1 starbucks drink if I can stay away from the company cafeteria.  Once I've conquered breakfast, next... lunch!

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