Sunday, July 24, 2011

Not a great weekend staying on budget...

I thought I had our budget under control, was even a little happy when I saw our bank balance on Friday and realized we'd have a little extra money to spend on my daughter's 4th birthday party this upcoming Sunday.  But I did poorly controlling our spending this weekend :(  Even ate out more than we should have.  And had a formal birthday celebration to attend Saturday night and spent quite a bit of money on that.

I got an email from Hollister about their extra 40% off red-line clearance items.  I thought I'd browse the site.  And I've done this before, where I just fill the cart with items that I want, and it the end I never actually place the order.  This time, I placed the order.  I had 8 items in my cart and the total was $100.. I thought that was an awesome deal, so I went ahead and placed the order.  Probably not a wise decision on my part, now I will have to make sure that any extra money in the budget goes to paying this order off.

Tomorrow I will re-check our budget and see what is remaining in terms of expenses before our paydays later this week.

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