Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Finally a chance to catch up and update!

It has been an extremely busy past 3 days.
At work I was participating in a 3-day training session on how to write executive level reports and presentations.  I found the training session to be very informative and valuable.  Most important, the skills that we were taught, are skills that I can apply immediately to my current job.  Composing emails, reports and presentations will now benefit from my newly learned knowledge.  Of course as I type this post, I am fully aware that I am not using proper sentence structure and I suspect that if I were to think about the grammer and style of my writing, it would take me much longer to write a post.

Financially, we're still on track.  I got paid yesterday and now have an idea of my semi-monthly income.  So I do need to tweak our budget to reflect our new income.  I'm glad that our income has increased slightly, not a huge amount, I would say approx $200 a month, but it's $200 a month more than we made last year.  This will definitely help with putting money aside for our emergency fund and savings accounts.

Health-wise, I'm still on track.  Today I'm struggling to get out of bed and to do my cardio session.  Today I should be lifting weights as well as doing cardio, but I'm not feeling very energetic.  At a minimum, I would love to do my cardio session but at this very moment, I don't see that happening.  I may wait another 30 minutes and will see how I feel.  Should I do my cardio session with 50% effort or not do it at all since I can't give 100%?

I took my one-month progress pictures yesterday.  I have to admit, although there is some improvement, I had hoped for more.  I am now reminding myself that it's only been a month and that I need to be more patient.  Regardless I told myself that I would keep working at it until the end of February.  Hoping that I see more progress, I really don't like this feeling of disappointment.
I am going to continue with the Low/No Spend Challenge and will start setting mini-goals.
Hopefully when I update next time, I'll be able to report that I got out of bed and had an awesome work out.

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  1. i am often guilty of the same thing but... spell check would have revealed that "grammer" is spelled "grammar."