Monday, February 13, 2012

Cancelled dinner date

Every year in February, a number of restaurants around the city participate in a "Dine About..." event, where they offer set menus which are put together to showcase the chefs' talents.  Over a week ago, my best friend suggested we go on a double date and try one of the restaurants.  I thought it was a great idea and was very excited when we decided on a restaurant that specialized in seafood.  I love seafood!  We made reservations for this past Saturday and I thought the dinner could also be an early Valentine's dinner.

Then on Friday night I started thinking about the cost of dinner.  I'm thankful that my parents agreed to babysit the kids, so there are no babysitting costs.  But the dinner itself?  The set menu was $36 a person.  Which did not include beverages, tax and tips.  Between DH and I, I'm sure we would have spent $100.  And so, on Friday night I was thinking about that $100 and how it was difficult to justify going out for dinner for that amount of money.  I thought about the amount of groceries I could purchase with $100 and how the entire family could go out for a nice lunch or dinner with $100.

And so I called up my best friend and explained that I couldn't justify the $100 cost for dinner.  She understood and I'm glad that she didn't try to convince me that the dinner would be worth it.  I'm sure that the dinner was great (she and her fiance went ahead with the reservations), but I would have felt guilty afterwards for spending that much money on a dinner for DH and I.  I'm very glad that we didn't go.

DH was very surprised that I canceled our dinner date.  He was even more surprised that I told my best friend that the reason we didn't go was due to the fact that we didn't have $100 to spend on dinner.  I guess DH thought I'd be a little embarrassed to tell someone that we couldn't afford a $100 dinner date.  I actually felt proud that I made a wise decision to cancel and felt very financially responsible.

Last week, work was kicking my butt and I just couldn't find time to update my blog more often.  The next couple weeks are better and I hope to be writing more.

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