Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekly Spending Recap - Nov 14 to Nov 20

The numbers are higher than I would've like and actually caught me by surprise.  I definitely need to be more aware of what we're spending our money on.

Monday, Nov 14
Gas - $49.00
Headphones (for iPod) - $11.19
Groceries - $11.58

Tuesday, Nov 15
bills/mortgage - $1151.82

Wednesday, Nov 16
Life ins - $300.00

Thursday, Nov 17
Cell phone/Car loan - $550.82

Friday, Nov 18

Saturday, Nov 19
Family allowance - $152.52
Eating out w/ kids - $12.62
Christmas gifts - $69.09
Birthday gift and dinner - $78.12

Sunday, Nov20
Groceries - $55.54
Cash - $60.00

We went out on Saturday for a friend's birthday dinner.  The restaurant she had chosen unfortunately did not take reservations but she assured me on Friday that she would be at the restaurant early so that she could get her name on the wait list.  Turns out she was running late and we showed up at the restaurant at the same time and the wait was 1.5 hrs!  It wasn't fun waiting but we were at least able to sit in the lounge and enjoy a drink and snacks.  Luckily by the time we were seated and ready to order, I wasn't very hungry so I ordered a soup and salad.  DH ordered chicken and ribs and I had his baked potato.  So our bill came to approx $48 (including tip).  Unfortunately this birthday dinner and gift wasn't in the budget, so I didn't have any money set aside.

We also started our Christmas shopping this past weekend and actually wrote down our Christmas shopping list.  I have to admit, the list is much longer than I thought it would've been.  So that has me a little worried in terms of the amount of money we will need to purchase all these gifts.  I may need to use our credit card to pay for some gifts.  Possibly.. I will try to avoid it as much as I can.

This week I need to stay on top of making dinner and lunches.  No eating out for the family this week or next week.  Pay day is still 9 days away!

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  1. 1 1/2 hr wait s a long time... I'd have left. Not enough hours in the day... lol! Packing your lunches & eating at home will help save $$ for sure! :)