Sunday, November 6, 2011

Feeling a little defeated...

It's Sunday night and I'm feeling quite defeated.  I'm feeling defeated with my healthy eating, our financial spending this weekend and work documents that I'm struggling to complete.

Healthy Eating
Earlier this year, I purchased a pair of denim jeans that I absolutely love.  They were the most expensive pair of jeans I've ever purchased but were totally worth it.  They look great worn casually and can be dressed up with a sexy pair of heels.  I tried on the jeans yesterday and I couldn't get the zipper up :(

I stepped on the scale and noticed a weight gain of 3 pounds.  Not a huge amount, but enough to make the jeans too tight for me to wear.  It wasn't a good feeling.  And so I asked DH to help me get back into shape (and into my jeans) before J turned 3 years old.  I've always had a goal to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and for the past couple years, I've simple told myself that I'm still working on it.  J is turning 3 years old at the end of February and I refuse to continue to tell myself that I'm still working on getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  It shouldn't take 3 years.

We were at a birthday party yesterday, and I think I did okay in terms of not eating everything I wanted to eat.  I chose a few dishes and enjoyed my meal.  Today, we had family over and we ended up ordering in pizza and szechuan pork.  So good, but it really hurt the healthy eating for today.  It started out well, I had a light breakfast - coffee and 2 slices of toast, but then for lunch I had a cheeseburger and then followed up with a slice of pizza, a bowl of potato chips and some szechuan pork.

Not feeling too great about all the food I ate today.  But I'm focused on trying to stick to my healthy eating tomorrow.

So I did my weekly check to get an idea of where the money went this week.  And for the first time, I noticed a maintenance service charge of $20 coming out of our savings account.  I did a quick history search, and the $20 fee wasn't a consistent monthly fee.  Some months it was $2 or $3, another month it was $16.  This had caught me completely off guard and I feel absolutely ridiculous for not paying closer attention to the fees that were coming out of the account.  It truly sucks to know that I pretty much threw that money away.  Tomorrow I will be going to the bank to close the savings account because I simply cannot justify having to pay the maintenance service fees.  We still have our ING direct savings account, so that will become our primary savings account.

I have been struggling with completing one specific work document.  This document has been on my to-do list for the past week, and I cannot get focused on it.  As soon as I open up the document, I'm tempted to do something else, anything else.  The original due date for the document was the end of October.  Then I pushed it out to November 3rd, and now it's November 6th and I'm still not done.  What's even worse, is it's Sunday night and I should be relaxing and getting ready for the work week, but instead I'm trying to get some work done on this document.  Of course, I'm not trying as this very moment, seeing that I'm currently typing out this post.  I'm telling myself that once I've published this post, I will try working on the document once more.  I'm not looking forward to work this week, just don't have the motivation in me.  Luckily it's a 4-day work week, Remembrance day is on Friday which means an upcoming 3-day weekend.  I just hope to survive the next 4 days and to get this document done.

Overall, our spending this week was pretty good.  We spent a little extra on a gift for the birthday party we went to on Saturday.  We actually just got the invitation late on Friday, so this was an unexpected expense for us this week.  We also had to get an oil change on Friday.  It turns out one of the tires is leaking and could not be repaired, so the spare tire was put on (for a $10 charge) and we are now needing a new spare tire.  Good news is that all bills have been paid, groceries have been bought and the vehicle gas tank is full.  Bad news is that last week we had to dip into our savings account to make it to our next paydays, so the balance isn't much at all.  That's okay though, I'll transfer the remaining amount from the savings account into the chequing account and close the savings account.  Ideally I'd like to switch completely to a no-fee account but I'm dreading the transferring of automatic payments (mortgage, car payment, house insurance, etc...)

Okay, time to focus on my work document.  If I can make some good progress on the document, I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight.

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