Monday, November 14, 2011

He finally won..

DH finally got his new jacket and new t-shirt.  Total cost $117.  I was against both purchases and voiced my objections each time he brought up the topic of making the purchases.  Last month both DH and I started decluttering our closet and selling on eBay.  For me, the extra cash was meant to go into savings and towards debt.  For DH, it was about selling enough so that he could purchase new clothing.  I guess if that is what he decides to do with his earnings, then I can't argue with that can I?  It's tough because DH isn't very involved with our household finances, he not even aware of the amount of debt we currently have.  And it's partially my fault for not getting him more involved.  He trusts that I'm taking care of our household finances and the bills are getting paid.  And to some extent, I am taking care of things.  But it's hard to get him to understand why his purchases are so unnecessary when he's not aware of our current financial situation.

Because DH is not very involved in our finances, I feel that it's completely my fault that we're in the situation that we're in.  I made the mistakes and didn't manage our money very well and when DH asks for new things, a part of me feels that he should get to buy things because it wasn't his fault we're in as much debt as we are in.  And although I was able to convince him the past few weeks to not make the purchases, this past weekend he finally got to me.  I couldn't listen to him talk about the new clothes anymore.  So I sent him into the stores and told him to just buy it.

Good news is that we paid cash for the clothing.  Bad news, the money I transferred from Pay Pal into our chequing account is pretty much all spent.  No money into savings and no extra debt payments.  We went out to eat a few times this weekend, bought lotto tickets and just spent money we really didn't need to.

I'm a little frustrated because I haven't been focused on not spending money.  I can't go on like this.  Christmas is just around the corner and I need to make sure we're not overspending on gifts and I'm determined to not use any credit cards for Christmas gift purchases.

I think I need to get better at posting more often, I find that when I'm blogging I'm more aware of our financial situation and the importance of keeping on track with this journey to becoming debt free.

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