Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday morning Chit-Chat - April 2nd

Didn't a chance to participate in Carla's Sunday Night Chit Chat yesterday, so I'm doing a Monday morning chit chat.

Last Monday I finished reading The Hunger Games.  It took me until Wednesday night to finish the 2nd and 3rd books (Catching Fire and Mockingjay).  When I get hooked on books, I tend to get extremely focused with reading the entire book as fast as I can.  My poor kiddies got less attention from me early last week.  This week, I still have the China Study to finish or at least make progress on.

Last night, I actually found myself watching Celebrity Apprentice.  First time ever!  It was actually quite addicting and I had to find out who was going to get fired in the boardroom.  Will I watch the show again?  Truthfully, most likely.. hehe

Listening to?
Nothing at the moment, but in about 20 minutes I will be joining a Delegate Deliberately web training session.  It goes til 12pm, so I will be listening to the instructor all morning.

Yesterday was a lazy day for me, didn't cook a single thing.  Lunch today is a sandwich and DH will have to cook lunch for himself today.

Happy you accomplished this week?
DH's care package for his parents has been sealed and delivered.

Looking forward to next week?
DH's payday on Friday.  He's getting a small signing bonus at work so we'll have a little extra money to work with this week.

Thankful for today?
I'm feeling energetic in regards to work and fitness.  This will be a good week to really push forward with my training and getting through work assignments.

I have more to blog about, specifically my dream last night and some exciting work news.  I'll write a separate post for that.

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