Thursday, December 1, 2011

Worse Christmas Gift Ever! 2nd year in a row...

DH shared the news on the car ride home yesterday.  His company is doing a round of layoffs.  Just before Christmas.  Just like they had done last year.

Seriously?!  It boggles my mind that the company would do layoffs just before Christmas.  In my eyes, that's just mean.  But DH explained that things have just really slowed down.  This will be the 2nd year that the company has done layoffs just before Christmas.  And just like last year, I am now worried that DH will be one that is let go.  Last year he was let go, but was able to "bump" a less senior employee in a different position, so that was a huge sigh of relief.  He's hoping that should he be let go this year, he will have another opportunity to "bump".

DH is so relaxed, so unworried about the possibly layoff.  In his mind, worrying will not fix/resolve the situation, and I do understand that  For me, being the keeper of our finances, I start to worry immediately about things such as bill payments and expenses.  I start to think of our backup resource for income.  I start to think about what I will need to cut out immediately.  DH will receive employment insurance so there will be some form of income, but it will definitely make things very difficult financially for us.

I don't want to think too much about this possible layoff.  It may not happen.  But it's a clear reminder that I need to focus on getting us out of consumer debt and to build an emergency fund.


  1. I am sorry to hear this. You're right it does just seem mean. Even if you're not getting laid off just the added stress around the holidays is enough to make you want to cry. Wishing you both the best. Good luck.

  2. so sorry to hear of this now - stay positive