Tuesday, December 20, 2011

First attempt to focus on Christmas... fail!

So with all the craziness of the Christmas parties I was organizing, I told myself I was finally able to focus on my Christmas planning.  So while at work yesterday morning, I wrote up a short list of gifts I knew had to be purchased and with list in hand, I headed to the mall during my lunch time.  I walked around aimlessly, unsure of what I needed to buy.  I had a couple young women to shop for, so I thought I'd check out the women's clothing department.  Bonus: 50% off regular price signs could be seen on almost every rack.  I started going through the clothes and found a couple tops that I really like, tops that I would most likely purchase for myself.

Then I stopped and paused.  Hmm.. I'm 32 years old, could I really know what type of clothing 18 and 20 year old young women prefer?  Then I thought about how I would've felt if my aunt who was 12 years older than me tried to buy me clothes for Christmas.  So I put the tops down, and it hit me that I was no longer a young woman, I was a real grown up woman.  A part of me was glad that I wasn't familiar with fashions for 18 and 20 year old young women.  I think I would've been a tad embarrassed if I knew young women fashion and even worse if I purchased and wore young women fashion, when in fact, I am no longer a young women,

So after putting the tops down, I lost all motivation and focus to shop.  So I went back to work empty handed, not one name crossed off my Christmas shopping list.

My lack of preparation to go shopping resulted in a complete fail.  So before my next attempt to go Christmas shopping, I'm coming up with solid ideas of what I need to purchase.  I can't spend time roaming around stores, looking for gifts.  I need to know exactly what I'm buying, go into the store, buy it and get out of the Christmas store crowd.

Lesson learned.

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  1. oh no! that makes me sad - we are young still! (I am only one year behind you!) haha... I am with you on wanting some solid ideas ! good luck!