Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas gift update...

Just a quick update...

Good news is that DH hasn't received any layoff papers (yet.. keeping my fingers crossed)  And I'm determined to not let this affect my Christmas spirit.  There's enough stress trying to stay on top of Christmas gift shopping and all the events, additional stress due a possible layoff really isn't needed.

More good news is that we got 60% of our Christmas shopping list crossed off today.  It was a complete zoo at Toys R Us, not to mention we had T and J with us too, but we have our list in hand and I knew what we were looking for.  Total time spent in the store 30 minutes, total cost $197.  I was quite shocked at the total but I knew that we had gotten a good amount of gifts purchased.

Next task on my to do list is to start wrapping all these gifts.  Hopefully we're able to put the Christmas tree up today and it will really start to feel a lot like Christmas.  I hope to get some pictures up later.

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