Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas... the day after

Christmas has come and gone.
We are truly blessed to be have spent the past Christmas weekend with family and to have the kids (and DH and I) showered with so many gifts!

DH's family always spoil the kids at Christmas time.  I feel a little bad that although we purchased gifts for them all, we weren't able to splurge on their gifts.  DH and I have made a plan to set aside money in a gift fund so that for upcoming birthdays, we can spoil his siblings a little more.

The budget?... well it's completely blown, and credit cards were used, but I am hoping to be more focused and have a plan in the new year to tackle this debt.  I can't wait to update the credit card balances and to put together a plan to pay off the debt.  No doubt that this will be an extremely tough challenge for me, and I need to start bringing my lunch to work (and actually eating it) and get better at meal planning and putting money away for unexpected expenses.  Our 2011 budget had no money set aside for car maintenance or birthday gifts.  Our 2012 budget will have a small amount set aside for these items.

Up until a few days before Christmas,  I was very stressed out about staying on budget and trying to not spend as much.  Then on Christmas eve, I decided that the stress wasn't worth it right now and to simply enjoy the holiday.

We're completely broke right now and probably won't recuperate from the extra spending until February at the earliest, but the kids had an amazing Christmas and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

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