Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mission: Thanksgiving Turkey

Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving, which meant no work on Monday.  It was a great long weekend and I successfully made my first Thanksgiving Turkey.  On Friday when I first learned that I had been volunteered to make the turkey, I surveyed my coworkers asking for their turkey tips and tricks.  I was definitely nervous about how the turkey would turn out, but in the end the turkey looked great and people seemed to enjoy eating it.

We were over this week's grocery budget by $40.  I spent a little extra picking up extra veggies to cook with the turkey.  We spent about $35 eating out as well, which is better than prior weeks but still more than we should really spend.

Shopping-wise, it was a very good weekend.  We didn't make it out to the mall so there were no temptations to buy any clothing or accessories.  The kids are set with their fall/winter wardrobes, so I really can't justify purchasing anymore clothes for the kids.  T's picture day was last week and we found something for her to wear and so far, we haven't received any invitations for any birthday parties or social events.  This is good news, it means that no new party clothes are needed and no birthday gifts need to be purchased.

DH and I are continuing with selling old clothing in our closet.  Actually I should be more specific, I am selling clothing that I am no longer wearing.  DH is selling clothes he wears "too much" (in his words) and feels that it's time to sell old and buy new.  DH doesn't understand that this doesn't help us get ahead in our finances, selling an old sweater (which is in excellent condition) for $50 and then purchasing a new sweater for $100.
I guess in the end, DH can sell 2 items of clothing to purchase 1 new item.

I had a pretty good day money-wise.  I spent under $5 (hashbrowns for breakfast and an afternoon coffee).  I ate lunch at my desk and rather than spend $5 going out for lunch, I put that $5 towards my Amex card.

I think that was my very first snowflake!!

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