Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm back..

hopefully I can get back into blogging on a regular basis.

The past couple of months have been very frustrating financial wise.  I just feel like I'm making no progress whatsoever.  I keep telling myself that things are going to settle down, the unexpected expenses are going to stop and I'm going to finally be able to more forward and make some progress.  Unfortunately since my last post, things just haven't gotten better.  I'm frustrated but I haven't given up.

My biggest struggle is staying on budget in terms of family/summer fun.  With summer here, it just seems so easy to spend more money due to summer activities.  We're spending more gas driving around, to the parks and beaches.  We're spending a bit more on food when we're packing lunch/snacks for the park/beaches.  And there are weekends when we're out enjoying the weather and even though I'm trying to pack most of the food/snacks, we're still heading out to eat.

Then there's still the endless birthday parties, wedding socials and baby showers that need to be attended and gifts purchased for.  Throw on top of that the landscaping the DH wants to do this summer and the budget is out the window.

The numbers need to be updated, and I need a plan.  Things just can't continue at the same pace, else we'll never get to that end goal of financial freedom.

I'm definitely hoping to get re-focused and come up with some kind of plan.  Looking forward to reading more inspirational posts by my fellow bloggers!


  1. Gaining control of your finances and moving toward financial freedom requires motivation.